infinite digits | "alsep12"
released 01.01.2020


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About the album

This album follows the NASA audio of the Apollo 12 mission. Apollo 12 was a 10-day mission launched on November 14th, 1969 and sent three American astronauts to the surface of the moon. It was crewed by Captain Pete Conrad, Captain Alan Bean, and Captain Richard Gordon. This was the first mission to setup a nuclear-powered ALSEP (Apollo Lunar Surface Experiments Package) which relayed thousands of messages about the seismic, solar, and magnetic activity on the moon until it was shut down in 1977.

The Apollo 12 activities are probably the most ignored all the Apollo missions. It was a mission that had adverse conditions right at the beginning when they were struck by lightning twice. Fortunately the shuttle continued into space and they were able to land, with astounding precision, directly into the target zone at the site of Surveyor 3 probe. From there they setup the ALSEP instrumentation and collected samples to bring back to earth. On the return home the crew was congratulated by President Nixon (who was at trying to negotiate a arms control treaty with Russia) who noted that Captain Conrad was the first to ever sing on the moon.

All spoken audio for this album comes directly from NASA audio available on The Internet Archive and directly from NASA… more credits released January 1, 2020