infinite digits | "be ep"
released 10.06.2020


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Album tracks

About the album

this album was written in lockdown, during a time when we are supposed to be prepared, be safe, be cautious, etc. i wanted to create something to remind ourselves to just “be” - hence the name of this ep. the full title, “be ep”, also cheekily describes the contents since each song is a series synthesizer beeps. this album became both introspective and upbeat - introspective because i find myself reflecting on the present and upbeat because, despite everything happening in the world, i am hopeful about the future.

even though this album is entirely electronic, it is also a homage to marimba - the instrument i’ve been learning that past two years. in each song i try to sneak in 16th note runs and polyrhythms that i’ve learned from playing marimba. marimba music is a shared music experience which has been cutoff from the pandemic so i think i felt like trying to re-create it in a new way.

this album was made entirely with the op-1, the sh01a, and the nts1, with effects from a big sky and a corona chorus. except for the first song, all songs were recorded, mixed, and mastered directly on the op-1. the first song, “909” was an experiment in using a trial version of ableton. honestly, i’ve been dawless so long that i didn’t enjoy the experience using a daw. the reason? everytime i hear a song i produced on a daw i think about going back to tweak it - the daw gives the perfectionist in me an aneurysm.

the cover art is photo i took in the mount baker tunnel transformed into a wassily kandinsky painting using an neural network, a representation of the physical world colliding with the world of binary and infinite digits.